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Websites can be a real headache, can't they?

In these tough times the benefits of maintaining a web presence are clear: it can help to promote your business, provide an added income stream, allow closer links with your customers and reduce traditional advertising costs, thus saving you money.

But professional sites can be expensive. Cheaper, template-based sites offer a great deal but, generally, give poor results. The jargon is unintelligable and building and maintaining them just take up too much of your valuable time.

Why compromise?

Choose Big Red R; choose a bespoke, professional website of the highest quality to suit your online needs and  fit your budget.

Fully inclusive prices from £299 and there are NO hidden costs. 

All packages come with the following features included as standard:

  • Bespoke, custom design
  • A personal, jargon free consultation service
  • Domain name and hosting included
  • Maintanance & updates for one year
  • Standard search engine optimisation
  • Cross browser compatability
  • Optimised for mobile & tablet devices
  • Fast, reliable help and support


Why choose Big Red R?

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript & PHP
  • Website development
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Copy writing
  • Wordpress sites
  • Forums
  • Facebook and YouTube integration

Big Red R is owned and operated by Mike Leyden, a freelance web and graphic designer based in Whitley Bay.

There is no faceless design team, no uncontactable support team and no huge overheads to pass on to the customer. When you work with Big Red R you have my full attention.

There are many benefits to this close working partnership. You will have full access to your site as it develops in a testing environment. You will be able to contact me at any time by phone, text, email, Skype or in person to discuss the progress of any aspect of your site.

You can also be sure that your website will meet all current standards of design and accessibility. There is no point in having a website if it can't be found or if potential customers have difficulty viewing it.

All new Big Red R sites are optimised for and submitted to search engines. They are designed to be compliant with all browsers and to be viewed in tablet and mobile devices as well as personal computers and laptops. They also have options to allow for screen readers, javascript disabled browsers and slow internet connections.

Big Red R will deliver a modern, high quality, unique website developed in a personal 1 to 1 working relationship. I understand the importantance of your website to you and your business and your satisfaction is of prime importance to me and the growth of my business.



Packages & Prices

Option 1 - Standard website from £299


  • Custom design
  • Fixed Cost
  • Up to six pages
  • One to one consultation process
  • or .com domain name (24 months)
  • Hosting for 12 months
  • 2 email accounts
  • Search engine optimisation & submission
  • Content updates for 12 months


This is the cheapest option but a standard, static website may be all that is required to promote your business or service. A standard site is designed from scratch just like the more expensive alternatives - no cheap templates or shortcuts are used - and will reflect your existing branding. This may be the cheapest option but the result is a polished, high quality website.

Contained in a set number of pages your content will be maintained by Big Red R for a full 12 months. Updates are fast and easy and can be carried out on a monthly basis. There will be no further charges in this time.

Please get in touch for full details.

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Option 2 - Advanced websites from £499

  • One to one consultation process
  • Custom design
  • Fixed Cost
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Facebook integration
  • Free domain name (12 months)
  • Free Hosting (12 months)
  • Email accounts
  • Search engine optimisation & submission
  • Content updates for 12 months


Choose this option if you have a greater amount of information to publish or if you need the added ability to update content on a more regular basis.

This option can include a bespoke content management system allowing you to change content on all pages of the site where required, giving you the freedom to upload images and files and to maintain your site in your own time. Help and support will be available whenever you need it.

Alternatively, your site can be managed by Big Red R. Updates are easy to arrange and can be done weekly.

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Option 3 - Ecommerce website from £999


  • One to one consultation process
  • Custom design
  • Fixed Cost
  • Unlimited pages
  • Content Management System
  • Integrated shopping cart system
  • Facebook integration
  • Free domain name (12 months)
  • Free Hosting (12 months)
  • Email accounts
  • Search engine optimisation & submission
  • Help & support for 12 months


Choose this option if you would like to sell products online.

This is an advanced website with added ordering, checkout and invoicing facilities included. Manage your shop categories and listings through a secure, easy to use content management system.

A longer consultation process is required as very careful planning is essential to implement a shopping cart system successfully.

Please book an appointment to fully discuss your requirements.

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Friends Of St. Mary's Island

An extended 'Standard' Website

A static, maintained website outlining the fantastic work of the Friends of St Mary's Island, Whitley Bay.

The ample content was supplied by the client, graphics were created and phographs produced by Big Red R and provided for use by local photographers and friends.

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for a standard site.

Lowland Marquees
Lowland Marquees

An advanced Brochure website

An informational brochure website with an advanced, secure quotation form and an element of content management. Animated flash elements are also a feature.

Search engine optimisation was a priority when developing this site.

Get a quote for a brochure site.

Cotfield Mirrors
Cotfield Mirrors

An advanced catalogue site

Features include a bespoke content management system to allow the client to update products and information content. A custom email form with security features, allows for the uploading of files when commissioning work.

Video is linked in from YouTube and Google Maps is integrated to provide location information.

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Eddy Hardy Original Art
Eddy Hardy

Artist website with simple ecommerce

A bespoke catalogue website with content management and a simple ecommerce solution. Transactions are managed through PayPal and the client is in control of all product uploads, sales, invoicing and delivery.

Get a quote for an ecommerce site.

Social Media Integration

With the ever growing use of social media, especially Facebook, it has become essential to include options to share content on your website. Big Red R includes social media plugins to allow easy access to social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Google and many others.

Browsers and Devices

Big Red R sites are designed to be compatible with all modern web browsers. For the best results however, the latest version of any of the following browsers is recommended.

Google Chrome Firefox Internet Explore Opera Apple Safari

If you use an older version of Windows, running an older version of Internet Explorer (less than v.9), one of the alternatives is recommended.
These days more and more people are browsing the internet on a variety of mobile devices as well as traditional desk-top computers, laptops and netbooks

All Big Red R sites are optimised for viewing in all mobile devices including i-Pads, i-Phones, tablets, smart phones and mobiles.


Get in touch...

...if you need any further information or to book an appointment to discuss your requirements.

Make sure that you provide a functional email address and/or your telephone number.


Phone or text: +44 7920 112795


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